Jamie Allison

Moms in Motion is a company designed to bring women together in an empowering and meaningful way. Seeing many women (especially moms) overwhelmed and spread thin, Jamie wanted to create a space where mom could care for herself and RECHARGE! Through fitness Tribes for moms we are creating a supportive environment where moms and women can focus on fitness, making new friends and building a like-minded community.

Wellness and fitness programs often struggle with motivation and/or long term engagement. We designed a program for women, and specifically for moms, to not only focus on fitness, but also their strong need for energy and social support. So that we can reach as many moms as possible, we have developed a program to train Leaders around the world to build their own Tribes that match their interests and schedules and serve the moms in their community and get paid to do it!

“I am grateful and inspired by the impact Moms In Motion has had on my daughter Kate – from sharing my finish with her, to Kate starting her own race! To me, that’s what this is all about! I am proud that we have created a way for our Leaders to contribute, to grow, and to earn an income that adds to their life, and fits their schedule! Because to me, work isn’t about exchanging my time for money. It’s about doing great work and giving tremendous value. And it must be meaningful and energizing. It can’t feel like it is taking me away from something, but rather giving me an opportunity for more!”

“Over the years, I’ve heard leaders say that they can’t believe they get paid to be fit, have fun, and create a lifestyle and a community that they love! That gets me fired up! And it’s super exciting when we see our leaders in nearby towns come together for a practice or an event, so members can meet each other and participate together. It’s like one big family.”

Moms In Motion has been featured in USA Today, Shape Magazine, Her Sports Magazine, LA Sports & Fitness Magazine, Competitor Magazine, Los Angeles Times and a variety of radio, TV and newspaper press. In 2015, Moms In Motion partnered with Johnson & Johnson Inc to pilot an Energy Program with 10 Local Tribes in cities across the country.

And in 2016 Moms In Motion partnered with Bon Secours Hospital in Richmond Virginia to launch a Corporate Wellness & Community Outreach Program that built Tribes surrounding its 3 primary hospitals with members consisting of hospital employees, patients, and outside community members!

Celebrating 18 Years – The heart of MIM remains constant! Here are some of the original ladies who led our charge!