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Call it a Clan. Call it a Network. Call it a Tribe. Call it a Family. Whatever you call it, whoever you are, You need one. - Jane Howard Oh, girl. How we need our tribe. As a child I moved often –...


I remember being a kid and playing the game Boggle, the sand timer flipped upside down and flowing fast. I glanced anxiously at it as I hurried to link letters into words and scribble them on a pad of paper....


For breakfast, lunch, or a snack, I am all about smoothie bowls! I've done a little research on the nutritional value behind blended bowls served at restaurants and juice bars, however, and realized it’s hard to find one that isn’t...

Transition Zones

I want to get better at transitions. Maybe I should try a triathlon? It would likely do me some good to learn how to go from the swim to the bike, and the bike to the run. I have watched...

Adding the Dis to our Comfort!

Comfort doesn’t change us. Comfort doesn’t lead to growth. As much as we might like doing the same thing we’ve always done, that just might be the recipe for stagnation. Like water, we need to flow! Discomfort is the building...