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Adding the Dis to our Comfort!

Comfort doesn’t change us. Comfort doesn’t lead to growth. As much as we might like doing the same thing we’ve always done, that just might be the recipe for stagnation. Like water, we need to flow! Discomfort is the building...


I recently completed an epic adventure. Sixteen runner friends and I completed the route known as the Tour du Mont Blanc, around the largest mountain in the Alps. We ran through France, Italy and Switzerland. We carried everything we needed...

Love and Letting Go

Loving and letting go is an art form just as much as it is an emotional necessity. There is no way to love and raise people with the end game of having them leave the nest if we cannot manage...


My morning ritual consists of waking up an hour before my wife and daughters, so I have some focused time just to myself to get set up for a fulfilling day! I don't grab my phone, I don't check my...

Why I’m glad to be a MIM Tribe Leader

I'm so excited about being a Moms In Motion Tribe leader and very eager to get started with my new MovFit tribe beginning this August (2017). I had not heard of Moms In Motion prior to being contacted by them, but I am so glad...