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We’ve all had times when we are in a rut, our wheels spinning and engines revving, going absolutely nowhere at all.Career rut. Identity rut. Relationship rut. Marriage rut. Fitness rut. Weight rut. Financial rut. Mood rut. Motivation rut. Routine rut....

I love summer

I love summer. Not because of vacations, or time off work. Not because the mornings are less chaotic, and I'm not rushing to make lunches or redirect my daughters from their bathroom and into my car to make it to...

Get In Motion

As reported by Harvard Medical School, mobility, defined as our ability to move purposefully around our environment, is vitally important to health, longevity and overall well-being. As athletes, it’s equally important for optimal performance in whatever game is most important...

Stop, Look, Go
– A lesson from a Gardener

This morning, while pedaling on my exercise bike on my front porch, I watched the gardener arrive at my neighbor’s house across the street, like he always does on Wednesday mornings. But this time, I noticed something I don’t recall...