What will I get?

You get all the tools you need to launch and operate every aspect of your business including our custom App, personal web page, online portal for member registration, scheduling, fitness & nutritional coaching, payment processing via credit card, liability insurance coverage, activity tracking, and enrollment into our New Leader Training Program.

Does Moms in Motion provide a program with specific activities that leaders use to structure their workouts?

Built through partnerships with Johnson & Johnson and Human Performance Institute, and backed by leading-edge science provided by Sean Young PhD, executive director of UCLA’s Center for Digital Behavior, you’ll get a complete recipe for how to structure your practices with a week by week plan and a curriculum that includes discussion topics, social activities and workouts to keep your members engaged and getting results! Of course you also have the flexibility to take our recipe and make our workouts your own, bringing your own creativity and fun into your Tribe.

What is my investment to start a tribe and what type of income can I expect to make?

Our models accommodate financial goals from as little as $10k to more than $100k annually, with additional opportunities for cash incentives, fee waiving incentives, and Ambassador perks from third party sponsors. For a one time set up fee of only $295, and a $29.95 monthly service fee that we waive once your Tribe is up and running – you get 75% of all the revenue your Tribe generates!

What does a Moms In Motion Tribe entail?

While Moms in Motion provides a recipe for success on weekly activities, you can do the types of activities you’re passionate about whether its running, walking, yoga, core, boot camp, triathlon, cycling, or whatever your interest. Your Tribe will meet 1, 2 or 3 days per week, throughout the year, outdoors or indoors, in public green spaces, on trails, at parks, community centers gyms or tracks depending on your activity. Each practice consists of a shared group fitness activity & discussion topic, including Warm-up, Cool-down, Stretching, Self-care, Core & Strength Activities.

Do I have to be a mom to lead a Tribe?

While we are focused on supporting moms, women of all kinds are welcome to lead and participate in our tribes. Whether a Certified Fitness Trainer or not – we provide everything so that even those with absolutely zero fitness experience can operate a successful Moms In Motion Tribe. And if you are a fitness pro, you’ll have an incredible competitive advantage to provide a unique opportunity to distinguish yourself from all the other professionals in your community.

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