Ventura California tribeFIT

with Rachel Mansi


“I am super excited to launch our new Metabolic Training + Nutrition tribeFIT in Ventura!”

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Hi! I am Rachel Mansi!


I am passionate about finding freedom AND results in health and fitness. So many women in our world today are bound by the pressure of keeping up with body image. So much so, to even just be healthy has become a confusing struggle. There is an overload of chaotic, confusing and conflicting information out there that all promise results but unfortunately at the cost of freedom and the cost of long term metabolic damage.


I am partnering with Moms in Motion to not just reach mothers, but women in general, in hopes to shed light on why weight loss has become such a challenge and how it can be turned around. I am the founder of Roic and Bru, a Lifestyle brand that focuses on helping women achieve excellence in everything they do and finding freedom in health so that they can be free to serve their families and the world.


We believe finding optimum health and well being is the recipe for achieving excellence everywhere else in our lives, and I mean to coach my Tribe through what that looks like. I will be using a combination of smart exercise and smart nutrition to turn women’s metabolisms around, achieving weight loss and effortlessly maintaining it. As a Tribe, we will not just focus on our health, but also dip into other areas of our lives that need a breath of fresh excellence! Come, join us, make long-lasting friends, socialize, and get healthy-just show up! Our FIRST workout is always FREE so that you can experience what we are all about. You owe it to yourself and your family!

My New Fitness Tribe starts August 5th at 9 AM in Marina Park!

Join us anytime!

We meet on
Mon, Wed, Fri 6am or 6pm + Sat @ 9am

We meet at
Marina Park in Ventura!

Join anytime –
we prorate your membership! And sign up for 1, 2, 3 or unlimited weekly workouts!

Sign up for 1, 2, 3 or Unlimited # of workouts per week –
you choose what works best for you! Plus I provide you with daily online workouts too!

WE MOVE TOGETHER – all ages, stages
and fitness levels are welcome and encouraged!LET’S GET MOVING MOMS!!!

Learn More at our Free Orientation at 9 AM on July 22nd at 437 Village Rd. Port Hueneme CA 93041.


OUR TRIBE GOAL is to support each other to balance hormones and metabolism for fat loss and maintenance as well as kill dieting forever!


OUR TRIBE MOTTO is “Knowledge is power! Achieving optimum results is about having the right knowledge!”

Come & join us at any time! Your first visit is always free! Sign up today!