What is a Moms In Motion Tribe?


“Call it a Clan. Call it a Network. Call it a Tribe. Call it a Family. Whatever you call it, whoever you are, you need one.” Jane Howard


A Tribe is when WE MOVE TOGETHER – that’s the heart of Moms In Motion. Our Fitness Tribes meet face to face, showing up each week, as friends, sisters and athletes. Tribes vary on type, where, when and how often they meet each week. Providing far more than fitness, our Tribes help members move together toward shared fitness goals, and bond around the social connections they find with other like-minded women.
Why a Tribe? Watch This!
Who is a Tribe Leader?


Are you compelled to help other women?
Would you like to create a supportive community around you and your passion?
If your answer is YES, then Moms In Motion is for you!
Being a leader is an opportunity to align fitness goals with building friendships and connecting with moms in your community. A fitness background isn’t necessary and you don’t need to be fit or even be a Mom. All you need is a desire to lead women to move together within a supportive, fun and empowering community!
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