You are special. You aren’t like everyone else. You jump in the game while others sit on the sidelines. You share your passion for health and fitness with others to help them lead happy, healthy and fulfilling lives.


You are like Jamie, who started Moms In Motion 18 years ago before the birth of her first daughter. Like you, she harnessed her passion to impact thousands of women around the globe. Now you have a chance to learn and apply what she did, plus take it up a notch.


You have an opportunity to participate in a first of it’s kind coaching program designed specifically for fitness professionals just like you. A chance to create sustainable and successful behavioral changes in other people’s lives, following a curriculum based on leading edge research in fitness, neuroscience and behavioral psychology.


Your Result:
  • You’ll have a competitive advantage over everyone else
  • You’ll become a trusted leader in your community that others will want to follow
  • You’ll get and retain more clients because you will get them the results they really want


But most of all, you’ll add more meaning and fulfillment to your fitness training as you transform people’s lives beyond their physical fitness and into whatever else matters most to them. You become a trusted coach, a behavioral change coach, and that’s where the real movement begins…


Are You Ready?
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